As the NBA does so well each and every year, they’ve once again paid tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. this season.

By Robby Sabo – Each league takes certain days and events and turns them into their own niche. The NFL does this so well in October with Breast Cancer Awareness month, as the color pink is on full display.

The NBA does their thing flawlessly during Martin Luther King Jr. day.

There’s a full slate of games on Monday, February 12, with 24 teams in action. The league celebrates this day in the most amazing of ways year after year.

For this particular season they created a video titled “Barrier Breakers,” and it’s already been unveiled.

The extraordinary video features the many people who’ve broken down walls of NBA history while allowing us to hear King Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech as the audio.

Charley Cooper, who was the first African-American to sign with an NBA team (Boston Celtics), is the first “Barrier Breaker” seen in the video.

Others with prominent roles in the tribute are Bill Russell, who became the first black coach; Violet Palmer who became the first woman referee; Michael Jordan taking over ownership duties of the Washington Wizards; and Jason Collins, for being the first athlete to officially come out as gay in a major American professional sports league.

The NBA sends the message towards the end of the video that “We Are One.”

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